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Vulvodynia my whole life & Vestibulectomy results

Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:42 pm by nola218

Greetings from upstate NY...

I feel like an expert on the subject of Vulvodynia. So much so, that I have had doctors admit to me that I know more about it than them. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this. So little is know about this in the medical world that it can become very frustrating to find answers.

I'm 30 years old. Ever since I lost my virginity at the age of 17, I have had vaginal …

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Please help

Wed May 20, 2015 8:21 pm by LadyDi44

Hi, my name is Diana. I am SO grateful to have found this website. Thank you in advance to anybody who takes the time to read and/or respond to my post!

I'm a 19 year old girl who began feeling the effects of Vulvar Vestibulitis (VV) a little over a year ago. I had developed what would end up being a chronic yeast infection due to a change in Oral Contraceptive (OC) -- this alteration in hormone …

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Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:06 am by Gilli

Hi, does anyone know where I can buy Femdophilus in the UK? I really want to try it as it has good reviews, but worried that if I order it from amazon it will not be kept refrigerated before delivery?

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Any advice on with amitrytline?

Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:00 pm by Sparkle


Anyone tried this in pill form? What's it's like? What side effects have you had? This is next on the list for doc to percribe me for my vestibular vulvadynia but I'm worried about the side effects.

Also did it work with anyone with provoked pain?

Any advice is much appreciated. X

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Vulvodynia- What's helping me get better

Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:03 am by Ellen1112

Hi guys, i've been battling with vulvodynia the last 9 months, I am 17 ans it's been a hard journey and i've been following this forum all through this, it was a great help, I loved seeing positive posts, so I decided to make one with the things that are helping my symthoms (burning/irritaed uncomfortable vulva, around urethra and clitoris). I had this first when I was 11, I was so young and I …

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Glad I'm not alone anymore

Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:47 am by Gilli

Hello, I've recently been diagnosed with vulvodynia, after 15yrs of misery. I believe my problems started when I was 18 with a yeast infection. Initially I was diagnosed with thrush, and over the years I've used many antifungal treatments but my symptoms never went away, itching, burning and vulval pain. I saw many doctors and had all the tests for STI's, all negative, but have only had a …

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How did you find this forum?

Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:36 am by Sebby (Admin)

Please state which search engine, forum or directory you found this forum on...fanx!

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New to forum, sadly not to vestibulitis. Questions about discharge!!

Mon May 11, 2015 1:38 am by marylynn

Hi everyone, new here. The gist of my story: A little over a year ago I took antibiotics after a routine surgery, developed a yeast infection (the first and only culture that tested positive!) and then basically never felt better. Last summer a treated with every -azole under the sun which did not help, lots of boric acid which did seem to help a little bit but never completely. I felt mostly …

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So happy i'm not the only one!

Sat May 16, 2015 7:42 pm by mrs.optimistic

I've been all over this website and can't stop reading! I am so grateful to find a place where I can reveal things other people wouldn't even understand. FINALLY! I have had vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis for 4 years now. Even though it feels like it, I haven't tried absolutely everything to cure this condition. I plan on changing my diet, taking supplements, using oils, attending yoga classes …

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Anybody tried NEOGYN cream?....

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Anybody tried NEOGYN cream?....

Post  keepdreaming on Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:16 pm

Hi all! Very Happy

I got today my NEOGYN "vulvar soothing cream", I am interested in knowing if anyone has used it? (http://www.neogyn.us)

I have Provoked Vestibulodynia (my story http://vulvodyniasupport.forumotion.net/t1251-i-m-new-here-from-brisbane-recent-diagnosis-vestibulodynia)

The website says that this cream helps to restore, soothe and comfort the vulva in those women suffering from secondary, provoked vestibulodynia. The cream is formulated with cutaneous lysate, which was discovered through years of research in wound healing.

I would love to hear other people's experiences with this cream!

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Anybody tried NEOGYN cream?....

Post  BpCookie on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:26 am

Hello, Yes I have tried it but I received little help from it. I have Lichen Simplex Chronicus so perhaps it didnt help because I dont just have Vulvodynia. I sure hope it help you. I hate hearing that there are so many women who suffer from this pain.

Good luck to you. hugs


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Re: Anybody tried NEOGYN cream?....

Post  Delilah1 on Tue May 14, 2013 2:33 am

Hello! Just wondering if you've been using the Neogyn cream and how it's working?


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Re: Anybody tried NEOGYN cream?....

Post  keepdreaming on Tue May 14, 2013 6:26 pm

Delilah1 wrote:Hello! Just wondering if you've been using the Neogyn cream and how it's working?

Hi Delilah1!

To tell you the truth I don't really see ANY difference, I guess it was a waste of money and hopes Sad


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