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New and need some help

Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:30 pm by LindafromNJ

New to this site ad trying to figure out how it works.  I am trying to post as a new member so I am hoping this goes thru.  I am a senior adult and have just been diagnosed by the Drexil Vaginitis Center to have vulvodynia along with Vestibulitis (not sure if spelled correctly).  My symptoms are vaginal burning, itching, soreness around the vaginal opening with one spot in particular.  Some …

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Anyone from New Jersey

Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:47 pm by LindafromNJ

Looking to maybe talk to someone from NJ to see if there are any support groups in this state.

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vaginal cream

Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:46 pm by LindafromNJ

I have been given ABC cream to start using for my condition. This is gabapentin, amitriptyline and baclofen cream. Has anyone tried this. Also has anyone used lidocaine. My doctor told me not to use it. It is so sore at the vaginal opening. Has anyone used it there. Please respond!!

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:04 pm by infinitelywondering

Dear all,

Today has been the day I've been waiting for. The day something FINALLY makes sense.
I've been told countless times that I've got nerve damage or a muscular condition, yet none of the specific treatments have helped me. My GP suggested attacking this from a different angle so referred me to a dermatologist specialist

after having a vestibulectomy with no success, I decided to visit …

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Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:18 am by rockylife


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Newby not sure where to turn

Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:32 pm by Cerjo87

Hi this is all very new to me , well the talking about it bit is , the pain while having sex and also the uncomfortable feelings after and feeling like I have  sistitus most of the time I’m very used to , I’ve suffered for 7 years now I’m only 30 . Finally after all this time the doctors or should I say my gp has said I have Vulvodynia and have givin me gabapentin to try .i told her I’d …

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Looking for a friend..... and new problems

Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:38 pm by infinitelywondering

Hi everyone,

I hope you're doing well.

I hate to say this, but I feel beaten down and terribly alone. I had a vestibulectomy surgery about 6 months ago and I was absolutely praying it would work. It didn't.

6 months later and here I am, sitting on my bedroom floor crying my eyes out because I know I'll never be able to have painfree sex. I don't know what to do and just need a friend Sad

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Newbie to the site

Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:16 am by Ksa

Hello. Thank you for this wonderful site. I'm currently under the care of a dr in Phoenix that specializes in vaginal disorders. I will probably be on a suppository of estridol the rest of my life and I am currently on medications for a rare form of vaginitis that's pretty unheard of for my age. My vagina literally hates me. I've struggled with vulvadynia for 20 years, the duration of my …

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Vulvodynia from #metoo media coverage

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:01 pm by dooleyhornberg

I am wondering if anyone else in this forum has experience an increase or flare up in their vulvodynia as a result of the coverage of the sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood, DC, and the recent gymnastics scandal. I have definitely had a flare up.

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I know this long but please help if you can. :D

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I know this long but please help if you can. :D

Post  dani1990 on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:39 am

My name is Danie'l, I live in Portland Oregon and I need advise.
Let me just start by saying thank you for being able to share your stories. They are filled with so much emotion,stregth and courge. This is my story. I have been sexually active all my life ( I'm 26) I have never ever had pain or any sort issue with my vagina prior to around July 20th of this year. I come here in hopes someone can give me so advice or knowledge with my story.

A little over a month ago I went to the doctor because I thought I had a UTI ( I didn't have much pain or buring of the vagina/vulva at this time). Well my doctor told me that my urine sample came back negative. I was shocked honestly I thought for sure I did. Anyway she thought since I hadn't had a pap in 3 years it was time and she would look for yeast while she was down there. She said that sometimes the side effect of yeast and a uti can feel the same. She said that I had BV she then prescribed me Metroidazole Orally and sent me on my way. The medicine made me very sick I couldn't keep anything down or work because of this so I called the doctor back and she told me to take it vaginal form so the side effects weren't so bad she also prescribed me BACTRIM incase I did have a uti. The Vaginal METROIDAZOLE made my symtoms worse and the doctor told me to come back in because the symtoms I was having didn't seem like BV. She told me to see a different doctor as she didn't have another appointment available for a few weeks. The doctor I saw that time was the worst. She told me I had , had rough sex and the friction hurt me. I told her I was scared at this point and I really didn't think so. She then was very rude and proceded to tell me that women are in pain for a long time after givng birth and she was sorry but that there was other patients waiting and she wasn't my primary so theres nothing she could do but proscribe numbing gel. I was baffled and emotional torn down by this women. To me she made it seem like I was crazy and because I don't have children I don't know what pain down there really is.

I then went home and tried the numbing gel along with witch hazel which she said would be good. No relief. I contiened to use the VAGINAL METROIDAZOLE even though it made things worse hoping it would be over by the time I fished it. 2 days later I was in so much pain I went to the ER they did blood work, urine sample, even a vaginal ulta sound. still nothing they proscribed me a medication for yeast because at this point they thought the reason it burned when I peed was because of yeast in my urethra. They told me it was safe to use this and the vaginal antibiotic at the same time. So I did this for 2 more days.

I then got news from my doctor who said my Pap came back abnormal and I was positive for HIGH RISK HPV. I was emotional crushed and scared. They said that the HPV however could not be whats cause my symtoms since mine is cervical and minimal at this point. I don't have any visable warts or liosions on labia or vulva/ vagina area.

The pain had lessened a but at this point but started up again so I went to GYNO. They told me the same that everything looked normal and that sometimes things just get irritated down there and that there was nothing they could do. They also said that HPV wouldn't cause this type of pain especially with no warts. She said she wanted me to take a pill for yeast just in case.

I was terrified at this point because I felt like no doctor would listen or help me. My insurance ran out on my birthday which was July 24th of this year. Not having insurance or a job now I didn't know what to do.

So I went to planned parent hood. There the doctor told me that everything looked normal did a wet mount and said I had bv again. I was happy at this point because she said that the pain I was having could be related to BV and that I had a pretty bad case of it. She gave me the oral Metroidazole again and told me to fight thew the side effect for a week and I would be back to normal in no time.

So I did this I was sick couldn't keep anthing down. My body felt tired and awful. I did start to get some relief with bloating and the painful urination.

So now its a week later my vagina is still buring my symtoms come and go I went to the doc today they did another wet mount and said everything came back normal. My doctor told me she thinks I might have Vulvadynia and it would be something I would probably have to live with... She also told me to get tested for Diabeties because I have excessive thirst water seems to go right threw me. I felt awful ever since I've gotten off the antibotics my stomach burns and I can't sleep because if the pain. Not to mention the STRESS.

That's what led me here I thank anyone who was willing to take there time to read this I know it was long but I didn't want to leave anything out. I guess I was just wondering what my next step should be does it sound like Vulvadynia to you? Will I ever be able to live like I once did, will my symtoms improve over time?

Really thank you for listening you don't know how much means to me. I feel so lost and alone. My boyfriend is very supportive but he's struggling watching me like this. I told him he didn't have to stay but he's determinded I'll get better.

I changed my diet Monday and started taking some different vitamins and well as a probiotic. This kinda seems to be helping but the pain just feels muffled. Any help would be great thanks for reading <3


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Re: I know this long but please help if you can. :D

Post  jjr23 on Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:05 am

Hi Danie'l, sorry to hear that you've been through all this in such a short time. Seeing doctors who don't know what's going on is so frustrating - we have all been in that situation and know what it feels like!

My best advice would be to see a doctor/gynocologist who specializes in vulva pain. It's possible that you have vulvodynia but only a good doctor will be able to diagnose you. The sooner you find out if you have vulvodynia or not, the sooner you can start treatment and work towards eliminating the pain.

Don't give up. There are doctors out there who can help! Sometimes it just takes a while to find the right one xx


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thank you for the reply!

Post  dani1990 on Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:05 am

I was excited to see when someone had responded I could really use some friends that have gone / are going threw this. As I'm kind of new to it all. At this point my symptoms change a lot so its hard for me to even figure out where to start with doctors espically since the last month has been a nightmare of doctor visits. A lot of my symptoms revolve around urination and I'm not sure if that's normal or something other woman experience or something else that has nothing to do with it. I feel a stong pain in my urethra when I have to pee and it doesn't calm down until around 20 mins or so after I pee which suck because I've also had frequent urination as one of my symtoms. I don't know if this can be related or its something else all my urine cultures have come back negative... I also have pain that goes from the top of my vulva but more so by the outside of my vagina and even sometimes my anus which I find weird. I unfortually lost my insurance recently because of all this. It has really taken an emotional tole on my life in every way as I'm sure you know, I applied for state insurance but I'm worried I won't be able to find a good knowledgeable doctor with insurance like that. Thank you for listening any advice is appreciated I've been so hopeless and sad lately its just nice to have someone to talk to <3


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Re: I know this long but please help if you can. :D

Post  emalita on Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:53 pm

Is the pain with urination actually within your urethra/bladder, or is the urine causing burning/stinging/rawness at your inner labia? I had struggled a long time with urine causing a lot of discomfort to my inner labia skin.

Speaking as someone whose pain started from being over prescribed antibiotics and antifungals, my best advice is to do NOTHING for several months. I know that sounds horrifying, but I promise you that throwing more and more antibiotics and creams at the problem is only going to make things worse. Your vagina and vulva need a chance to regulate themselves without the constant irritation of creams and pills upsetting the delicate flora balance. Giving it time may not cure your pain 100%, but it will give you a chance to find your baseline.

Also, it looks like you're in the U.S., so insurance through the Extension (state insurance) will provide you with options to a wide range of doctors. Plus, you can receive a penalty now for not being insured (http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-individual-mandate/). So you should really sign up for insurance Smile


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I hope I can tell you this but it may help you and it's natural.

Post  Sophia15 on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:37 pm

Hello. One time I went to a doctor who told me when the burning is really bad to use Crisco down there. Lol. He was the best. He has retired. Dr. William ledger. He has done a lot of research on our topics. I didn't feel right about using crisco. So, I started using organic Virgin coconut oil. The solid. It seems to take the edge off for me. And some of my other friends that are going through the same condition as all of us. Others may say it clogs there pours. But read up on it first and call your doctor. My specialist actually recommends it to his patients now and compounded a medication for me with coconut oil as the primary substance in it. I hope that helps. Also. Ice ice ice. For 15 minutes. Put ice in a clean cotton pillow case. Make sure pillow case is not washed In perfumed detergent and put it right on your private area. No longer than 10-15 minutes. Keep checking it to see how you respond to the ice. Everyone is different. You don't want to get frost bite down there. Also cotton underwear. No jeans. No perfumed soaps. Wash clothes in free of perfume and dyes. Try not to sit a lot. Air out at night. lol. Read the sites on vulvodynia. It will explain everything to you. Stay away from the quack doctors. Be careful of them. I spent a ton of money out of pocket on ones telling me I had a vitamin D deficiency causing this. Be an advocate for your own body. But most of all GO WITH YOUR GUT. If something doesn't feel right to you. It probably isn't. I learned the hard way. I hope that helps a little. Sophie.


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Re: I know this long but please help if you can. :D

Post  emalita on Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:32 pm

My dermatologist recommended hempseed oil since it shouldn't clog pores and because there is a much smaller chance that you will have a reaction to it. So that's another oil to consider.


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Re: I know this long but please help if you can. :D

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