Medical Marijuana? Real?

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Medical Marijuana? Real? Empty Medical Marijuana? Real?

Post  Dhalsim on Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:11 am

I have this friend who uses marijuana for almost a year now because he told me that it really helps him a lot. I know that some of you guys think that he is weird coz how he thinks about marijuana. I don't know if this thing really works, and as along by I read this article www worldwide-marijuana-seeds com/blogs/marijuana-news/cannabis-users-are-not-and-have-never-been-violent that marijuana can be a solution to anyone's problem nowadays. Especially for medical purposes. I am curious about it coz I never tried to take MJ. But i am slightly convinced for this. I need more opinion if this is true. Maybe it's addictive? I don't know. Need some suggestion. Thanks.


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