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Do you ever worry that you're making it up?

Fri May 27, 2016 6:50 am by Lucci


I was diagnosed with Vaginismus and Vulvar Vestibulitis 10 years ago. I was 18 and scared and moving across the country for college, but luckily was able to find a doctor who specialized in 'Women's Health' who immediately put me into physical therapy. Long story short, I've been in and out of the system ever since.

A few years into treatment, I had the diagnosis of PTSD added on for …

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Clitoris Issues

Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:17 pm by January

I am going crazyyy trying to figure out what's wrong. Please does anyone else have an issue similar to mine? I'm only 22. So, basically when my clit is lightly rubbed, there is no feeling. However, when rubbed vigorously and directly, the burning and tingling sensations shoot down my legs and feet as if coming to the end of an orgasm but with no good feeling leading up. It's so strange. What …

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Cured of Vulvodynia

Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:39 am by angelique2016

I used to post on this forum a long time ago and told everyone of how I was cured of my vulvodynia by a (Melbourne Australia) female dermatologist, she put me on very low doses of Nortriptyline (Allergron) for pain management about 10mgs I believe it was, and she also had me use Advantan Fatty Ointment (not the cream) (although I saw the cream for sale on ebay from germany) so it might help, as …

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Vulvodynia and IVF? Anyone done this? What does it do to the vulvadynia?

Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:03 am by Carolyn4

Hi everyone,

I have had vulvodynia since age 27--I am now 43 and it has been in pretty good remission.  I control it with acupuncture and herbs, and some cranial sacral therapy.  I have a 5 year old, had a pretty uneventful pregnancy which ended in a c-section.  My VV worsened after that, and I have worked hard to get it back under control (it took over a year to get it back into pretty good …

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Partial Vestibulectomy

Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:44 pm by JGD13

Hi all i am new here.
I had a partial vestibulectomy 21/7 for my provoked vulvodynia.
After a painful few days and feeling quite uncomfortable it seemed to get better. 1 week after i noticed some white stuff and gloopy discharge, it wasnt smelly or itchy but i got a check up at the gp surgery and the doctor said the stitches looked fine and i could just have a touch of thrush. He said this is …

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Post Vestibulectomy

Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:15 pm by infinitelywondering


I had my vestibulectomy (full) about a day and a half ago. I was very sick and poorly just after the op and experienced intense pain down there Sad

However, today I came home and have done the following things:

-washed with warm water
-applied manuka honey to the area
-ensured I wash at least 3 times a day and dab the area dry gently
-use frozen peas to stop the swelling

As of now I am …

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New w/ Secondary Provoked Vestibuldynia

Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:46 pm by Birdy

Hi everyone,

I'm here because I'm pretty sure I have secondary provoked vestibuldynia, even though my gyno is still "optimistic" it is not.  My problem started six months ago when I got my second UTI in as many months (after going 25 years of life without one) and then ended up with a bad yeast infection (also my first one ever) thanks to the antibiotics.  Ever since the yeast …

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Anyone from the PNW?

Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:54 am by jungleclover

I'm located near Portland and I would be really cool to actually meet someone with this issue. I think my roommate in college technically had this problem. She had an overgrown hymen removed and can't deal with penetration as a result. But she is gay so it seems like it hasn't been a huge problem for her (although we didn't talk about it much so there was possibly more to it than she let on). …

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Constant pain, I want to die.

Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:29 am by Meggiemay

I posted on here a few years ago but my symptoms went away with the inflammation. I didn't get so lucky this time.

For over three months, i've had terrible rawness, burning, soreness in the urethral/vestibule area and pressure/hypersensitivity in the clitoral area. I've also had some lower abdominal pressure and burning on my butt. I can barely walk! My gyno hasn't been much help. I'm on …

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New member- Elyssa Morse

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New member- Elyssa Morse

Post  Guest on Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:24 am

So I'm sixteen and I haven't been officially diagnosed with vulvodynia, but my doctor believes that I have it. I lost my virginity back in April, and obviously it was painful. But, no matter how many times we had sex, it was painful and the burning actually get so bad that we would have to stop. I started to realize it wasn't normal, so I researched it and found an article about vulvodynia. All the symptoms matched up with what I was experiencing, so the next time I went to my doctor's, I told her that I believe I have vulvodynia. She examined my vulva/vagina and did a pain test. After the examination, she believed that my self-diagnosis was correct and she referred me to a gynecologist for treatment. Unfortunately, I don't have time to go to the gynecologist because I leave in a few days to spend 10 months in Germany (I won a scholarship to study there). I'm really frustrated because I wanted to be able to enjoy sex, if I had it, in Germany. Then, I found this water-based organic lubricant that said it could get rid of the pain from vulvodynia during sexual intercourse. I tried it and, sadly, it didn't make a difference. Then, I researched the causes of vulvodynia and one of the possible causes is hormone levels changing. I started on a birth control pill in February and I'm pretty sure I never had a burning sensation when sitting down for extended periods of time before I went on the pill. So, I think the cause of my vulvodynia may be the birth control pill (Ocella). I've decided that I want to go off of it to see if the vulvodynia goes away (even though I'll start to have heavier and longer periods again Sad ). I really hope it works. When I get back from Germany, I'm going to try different birth control pills if the cause of my vulvodynia was my current birth control pill. Anyways, I joined this forum to hear people's opinions, rant, and seek support.
Responses are appreciated Smile


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Re: New member- Elyssa Morse

Post  Sarah001 on Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:43 pm

Hi and welcome, have a good browse through the sections and see what you can find that will hopefully help you. There's not much else I can say really except hi.

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The Pill

Post  Aussie on Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:37 am

Please please please get off and stay off any hormonal birth control. Google Dr Goldstein and you will see his research about the pill causing vulva pain. The theory is that it perminantly alters your testosterone and oestrogen levels and something to do with sex hormone binding globin. Goldstein thinks that anyone with vulva pain should come off the pill and get a baseline hormone test. From speeking with a parmacy the best way to do this is via saliva testing because it test for only free hormones (which are the ones effected)

For me, even if there is any chance what so ever of somehting I am putting in my body causing vulva pain, I am going to avoid it at all costs.

There is research suggesting that if you start the pill in your teens you are 900x more likely to develop v. And the fact that you started the pill in Febuary and then got pain in April strongly suggests a conneciton.

My pain with sex has improved to the point it rarely hurts as long as I am properly turned on and lubricated. Daily pain remains unchanged. I have been off the pill for 2 months now. No period yet. But sex pain is heaps heaps better! (I have had pain with sex and daily pain for 1 year)

If nothing else just get off the pill.



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Re: New member- Elyssa Morse

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